* Where Are the Man Tables Made?

The Man Tables are made in North America, with the thermo-electric coming from Canada and the Wooden cabinet is made by an Amish community in the USA.

* What are the dimensions of the Man Tables?

Dimensions for the Man Tables are 24" tall x 21" wide x 21" deep. The Man Table fits
perfectly next to any couch, chair or bed.

* How large Is the inside of the Man Table?

The Man Table can hold 40 cans/30 bottles. If wine is what you fancy, wine bottles fit
too. There is also a removable shelf and storage area on the door.

* How are the Man Tables cooled?

The Man Tables use a thermoelectric cooling unit that is whisper quite and is better for
the environment than a conventional refrigerator.  The thermoelectric cools to 30 degrees below ambient.  Allow the Man Table to be 4 inches from the wall for best cooling results .

* How long does it take to ship?

Please allow 1-2 weeks for shipment. You will receive a notice through Google
checkout with a tracking number when it is shipped.

* Where does Man Tables ship to?

We are currently shipping in the USA.

* What other Products do you offer?

We have two other product lines Knightstands.com (Concealed quick access safe in the rear of a end table)

Timelesshandcrafted.com (a collection of exotic wood and Reclaimed Lumber Furniture)

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