About Us

We where founded in 2009, by Tom Stein. Tom is a man that has always had a passion for utility and his wife Julie a love for quiet elegance. After moving into their first place together Julie said that his college era beer fridge was too tacky for their first place together.  Tom designed a hidden fridge that she said was still "nice, but loud." So Tom started using quiet cooling technologies thus providing a beer fridge that if unknown would not become know. Marital bliss achieved.

When friends started saying that they wanted one for themselves Tom began producing. Furniture design had been a great adventure of Toms but demand could not be met by just using his hands. So Tom on advice of his cousin sought the Amish to produce his Man Table. This proved to be a great partnership that provides excellent quality and beautiful craftsmanship.

Tom and Julie continue to live in Kansas City, designing new furniture now that uses century old lumber and exotic lumbers from around the world.

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